Happy Teeth

Dental treatment

Teeth can be expensive. So take advantage of a low-cost offer from our cooperation partner DENT-NET with over 1,000 participating dentists.

  • Dental prosthesis free of charge: You can get high-quality dental prosthetics without copayments. The materials are produced according to German quality standards. In addition, you will receive a five-year guarantee for your dental prosthetics.
  • Implants: If you choose an implant, you will receive special rates.

More information can be found here:

Fixed retainers

Following orthodontic treatment, patients often receive a removable retainer to stabilise the tooth and jaw position. Fixed retainers offer you or your child an increased level of comfort and stability. You will receive a subsidy from us for such retainers.

Fissure sealing

We also provide a subsidy beyond the statutory benefits for sealing fissures in the front molars.

General anaesthesia during removal of wisdom teeth

If you would like to have your wisdom teeth removed under general anaesthesia, you will receive a subsidy from us following Treatment.