HEK stands for benefits that go beyond expectations and our multiple award-winning service.

Benefits for Family

HEK provides support for your entire family beginning with the first day of pregnancy. That makes you feel secure.

Preventative Benefits

Use our range of preventative care options to stay healthy.

Alternative Medizin
Alternative Medicine

HEK supports holistic treatment with alternative methods so you can activate your body’s natural healing power.

Healthy Teeth

For young and healthy teeth, use HEK’s excellent services for dental health.

Geschäftspartner Handschlag

Together with our selected partners we offer exclusive benefits in private facilities and rehabilitation facilities.

Gruppe junger Auszubildender bei der HEK auf der Treppe
Benefits for Students

Are you coming to Germany to study? That’s great - welcome! HEK is here for you with premium services and benefits.