Benefits for Family


“Baby care” programme

The preventative care programme for pregnant women includes helpful tips, for example about nutrition and risk minimisation:

Additional prenatal tests

We offer a wide range of prenatal tests for expectant mothers and their babies. We share in the costs for nuchal translusency scans, atriple test and the toxoplasmosis test.

Prenatal courses for fathers

Fathers insured with us receive a subsidy for participating in aprenatal course.

Midwife call service

You have the option of scheduling on-call service with your midwife between the 37th and 42nd week of pregnancy. That means your trusted midwife will be available to assist you personally and answer questions 24 hours a day and will be on site during the birth. We’re happy to subsidise this for you.

Preventative care for children and youth

In addition to standard preventative care screening for children and youth, we also cover the cost of the U10 and U11 examinations. So there are no gaps in care, we also reimburse the cost of the J2 examination for youth.

Baby bonus

Your baby has excellent insurance with us from the moment it is born. During pregnancy, preventative care is especially important so this period can be uncomplicated and carefree for both, mother and child. That’s why we reward preventative care for your baby with a 100 euro "baby bonus".

Junior savings passbook

Preventative care is worth starting from childhood. Children and youth who are insured with us can save up to 90 euros with the junior savings passbook through preventative care and sports activities. In addition to the bonus for proven healthcare efforts, we also pay interest like a real savings passbook.